Our company has over 25 years' experience in the production of stretch films. Hi-tech for packaging.

The main activity today is aimed at the production of special stretch films in LLDPE for the packaging of palletized units together with coupling processes.

Over the past decade, the company has developed and filed 25 new patents in a research and innovation program.

New products and technologies

These patents refer to new products and technologies. They include both extrusion technologies and know-how and coupling processes. With or without pre-stretch, of two or more stretch films of various thickness.

The coextruded films in the AKRO BRAIN factory, such as the latest EXTREME® and ONDASTRETCH®, together with the low thickness, laminated films, PLYPACK ® Series and GREEN SKIN ® super stretch nets, suitably selected and adapted, have made it possible to obtain mechanical properties up to 100% higher than the stretch films on the market today


For the end user, this results in a concrete reduction in packaging costs.

With this innovative process, the company was also able to actively contribute to the recommendations. Directives of the European and international community on the reduction of the weight of packaging and waste.


During 2007 and 2008, AKRO BRAIN filed the patents of ONDASTRETCH® and EXTREME® (double patent). HI-TECH patented films, both made starting from LLDPE resins with an innovative extrusion technology and know-how that guarantee the same characteristics of transversal and longitudinal mechanical resistance of the stretch bubble films.

PLYPACK® 4000 T6 COMPLEX constitutes the third patent for a laminated film. It is probably the lightest but unsurpassed toughness stretch film on the market today. (a technological evolution of the previous version of PLYPACK ®T3).