Produzione film estensibile macroforato


The window on the future of Ipertech stretch films: Net and Lamellar Structure

with double and triple mechanical resistance

(aimed at reducing consumption, palletizing costs and environmental impact)

The market for LLDPE stretch films in the palletizing sector has developed in recent years with the production of monolithic, coextruded multilayer and high pre-stretch films, which are increasingly lighter and more tenacious thanks to the availability of new high quality thermoplastic resins. So how was it possible for AKro Brain to further improve the mechanical strength of these films already established on the market? The answer came after a long research, experimentation and technological innovation in the coextrusion process of the innovative base films: some equipped with co-extruded longitudinal reinforcement microwaves called Ondastretch, others with Biorientation Characteristics obtained with an apparatus of our own design. Then, with the application of new technologies, it follows the realization of the films with laminated structure of the Combat series, Plypack and Breathable Net films with the Green Skin brand.

They are unique and Intellectual Property films AKRO BRAIN developed by our research team of over thirty years of experience.

With the total or partial overlapping of two or more low thickness stretch films, the typical physical properties of lamellar bodies (example: plywood) in which the mechanical resistance forces are distributed on 4 or more surfaces instead of on the two of a monolithic coextruded multilayer leaf (also with nano layers).
The lamellar structure of these films duplicates or triples their mechanical properties with very high pre-stretch capabilities and are compared to traditional Super Power and E.P. with thicknesses of even 20/30%.





The technology of the cast plants for the production of the base film has been improved by patenting and installing exclusive equipment to enhance the mechanical characteristics of the films, ranging from edging equipment to the most important interventions on the extrusion heads to generate the longitudinal reinforcing microwaves with modular size, or to give the films the same bi-orientation characteristics.

The most successful products made with microwave films, or alternatively with the latest bioriented qualities (with equivalent characteristics), are those with a laminated structure, Combat 2, Combat 3 series (pre-stretched version in 500 mm width) and Plypack. As far as Green Skin netting breathable films are concerned, they are produced both for machine use, in very high pre-stretch 500 mm reels and in pre-stretched version (440 mm band) both for machine and manual use and with a residual elongation of the 50% to better compact the palletized unit.

Among the 25 patents made by our research group, the process of biorientation of the film obtained with simple and very effective solutions must be mentioned, and last but not least the special formula of LLDPE resins and random copolymers that give the film its incomparable mechanical properties.

All films are approved for contact with food according to the international REACH and FDA directives. For the sectors of application of netting films, see the paragraph at the end of the presentation.

 Of great importanc the deposit of Futuristic patent concerning the use of NANOTUBES in Stretch and Shrink films. In the field of thermal film for bundles, after many experiments, a new process has been created which allows (with the same number of resins used) to reduce the thicknesses by more than 20%, keeping all the mechanical characteristics unchanged.

The general objectives achieved by Akro Brain, in addition to considerably reducing the weight, the costs of the packaging and their recycling, also aim at reducing waste according to international directives on the reduction of the environmental impact.
Our films with microwave reinforcement, those with a low thickness lamellar structure, high mechanical strength and with low environmental impact, together with the equipment for their production, were awarded, at the International Invention Exhibition in Geneva, with 2 medals of GOLD and 1 SILVER medal.