TITAN STAR Multi Elastic Bands (maximum elongation about 400%). Specific for palletizing very heavy and unstable products.

To anticipate the future, we revisited the past by inventing a product with a high value profile.

Automatic palletizing began with the creation of the straps: metal first and then also polypropylene.

The stability of the pallets was excellent but left the serious problem of contamination by external agents unresolved.

With TITAN STAR multi bands (Patented Product) we have overcome the problem by combining perfect stability with perfect hermetic protection.

The Elasticized Bands (with a predeterminable elastic coefficient) are positioned on a very thin film (less than 10 microns) which also allows a simple application (usual for stretch films).

Once the wrapping is complete, the bands will have generated a very tenacious grid while the positioning film will guarantee protection from external contaminating agents.

The total weight of the product (bands + film) per linear meter, for a width of 50 cm, is very low: about 10 grams, equivalent to that of a monolithic film with a thickness of 23 microns.

Taking into account the lower number of windings necessary to obtain optimized stability, the total weight of the packaging is reduced to values unattainable with traditional technical films in use.

TITAN STAR, in the version with low elongation (pre-stretched) and with weights equivalent to films with thicknesses of 12 microns, solve the problems related to the packaging of delicate products but with considerable weight. In fact, they stabilize and protect without causing deformation to the products themselves.

To better visualize the characteristics of TITAN STAR and discourage break-ins, we recommend using the product in the version with Pigmented Stripes.